Azurite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Azurite Meaning Healing Properties

What is Azurite?

Azurite is a mineral that has been used for thousands of years. It is used to balance emotions and to bring inner strength to people. Azurite helps to balance the emotions of anger, frustration, sadness, and worry. It can also be used to bring clarity and focus to the mind.

Healing Properties

Azurite is one of the most powerful stones on the planet. It helps to awaken psychic abilities, and it’s good for grounding you and clearing away any emotional attachments.

Anyone who’s been interested in tapping into their own intuition and their ability to connect with their spirit guides could benefit from using Azurite.

This book explores how using turquoise for spiritual or emotional reasons connects us to the cosmic forces beyond this world.

Here are a few more ways in which Azurite soothes the soul

So we’ve got the main premise down – now, let’s talk about how to approach the whole thing, and what you should expect to find in this

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Physical Healing Properties

“Azurite is all about removing blockages in life so you can flourish” also applies to physical blockages that could be harming your health.

The best stone for healing your cells, is this green stone.

An amazing stone for treating degenerative diseases, Azurite can help you stay sharp throughout your life.

This oil has been used in the treatment of migraines and headaches and has been shown to be helpful in the process of detoxing.

With azurite in your life, your skin will be flushed with health, your teeth will grow strong, and your spine will seem to fall into alignment.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

There’s an old saying, “the best thing for an upset stomach is an upset stomach.” Azurite is the best remedy for that.

It reveals your true self to shine a light on all the corners of your soul that could do a touch of healing and provides strong support and softness of being to help you tackle this with compassion and inner truth.

When people need help, they turn to the Internet for solutions. This book gives you many ways to make that experience more pleasurable for you and your clients.

Anything you’re holding onto isn’t serving you anymore. If it doesn’t support your goals and dreams, then let it go.

You can overcome your fears and phobias by bringing in Azurite. It will give you the strength to face any challenges that may come up for you.

There’s a lot of fear out there in the world, and if we were to let it, it would keep us from getting the things we want. Azurite helps to unravel it so that you can get to the root of your issues and get to the thing that makes you strong and brave and courageous.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties Azurite

Metaphysical Properties

This is where the Azurite truly shines.

Azurite is a stone of inner visions. Throughout the whole of history, mystics and healers have used Azurite to help connect them to spirit guides.

A unique product that will help to clear the energy blockages that are affecting your chakras, keep those sweet vibrations flowing, and cleanse your aura of negative energies.

Azurite is the third eye chakra and is where we receive our deepest intuition and inner guidance.

The Heart Chakra is connected to the throat chakra where we learn to share ourselves with others and how to create a strong sense of purpose that motivates us to live our truth.

Blue is the perfect color for throat chakra. Owning your own power and speaking your truth is especially attractive with a color like blue.

If you have any questions about your spiritual evolution or your current spiritual experience, a question from this area of your being will always get a positive reply.

Zodiac Birthstone

Zodiac magic, where the relationship between Azurite and Sagittarius is written in the stars.

Azurite is a powerful, grounding, earthy gemstone for Sagittarius.

Sagittarians can be a little careless with their tasks. They also don’t tend to stick with a single project but will get into something new or switch gears.

Azurite helps to tap into that abundance of energy and helps to hone it.

It helps you to realign your soul with the universe so you can move a little slower and have a calmer edge.

Aquarius is a gorgeous sign. It loves beauty, and it loves gemstones.

As Aquarians can be difficult to convert to a new way of thinking, Azurite makes it easier for them to overcome emotional situations by bringing balance, thought, and beautiful composure into the mix.

There are many healing crystals that are right for your sign of the zodiac, but this list will help you select the ones to match your specific needs and desires.

How to Use Azurite

We carry an azure blue stone that is great for grounding and harmonizing emotions. It’s beautiful on the body!

It’s a good choice to hang this in your office or living room to inspire you to think about what is truly important.

If you’re interested in gemstone jewelry, there’s no better time to select Azurite than now. Choose from a variety of gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and more.

Even if you’re a people-pleaser, the healing stone of Azurite offers you the opportunity to use your voice and let others know that you’re willing to fight for them.

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Home & Office

Azurite is a mood and mode shifter in Feng Shui practice.

When you’re stuck in an emotional or physical space, this royal blue stone will help to lift any energy that’s getting stuck and bring in the space to

Having a stone of heaven close by in your home or studio can help you focus your mind and heart, bringing you into divine inspiration.

The best heart and throat chakra stone is Azurite. It’s a great stone to have in communication spaces.

It’s a delight to weave into family relationships or group settings to encourage connection, truth-telling, and bigger-picture thinking.


All those who don’t want to let the delight of Azurites out of their sight can opt for beautiful Azurite jewelry. The blue coloring and the high vibrations make this stone such a stunner that it will make you feel as though you are carrying a slice of paradise with you. An Azurite Bracelet, a ring upon your finger, or even a pendant all have the benefit of being in close connection to the skin. When we have healing crystals resting directly on the skin this promotes those high vibrations to sink in and directly clear the blockages within. Azurite jewelry is how you make the most of Azurite’s harmonious powers.

If you are looking for stones that work in symbiosis with Azurite, you could choose to wear it alongside Chrysocolla with its creative spark or Lapis Lazuli with its shimmering soul energy.

How to Cleanse Your Gemstone

This gem is the most exquisite gem and it can be your favorite jewel that you can always enjoy!

This stunning stone is made of blue and purple agates. It’s an incredible stone that will make you feel as though you are carrying a slice of paradise with you.

If you want to be the most beautiful woman in the room, an Azurite bracelet, a ring on your finger, or even a pendant all have the benefit of being in close connection to the skin.

Healing crystals are extremely beneficial when placed directly on the skin. They help the body to release the blockages within and re-balance the system.

You can show off your natural beauty with Azurite jewelry that makes the most of its unique power.

Azurite works in symbiosis with Chrysocolla, Lapis Lazuli, and any other stone of your choosing, offering them a creative spark, shimmering soul energy, and/or inner strength.

Final Thoughts on Azurite

Azurite is one of the most sacred gemstones, it has spiritual properties and can help heal deeply from the soul. It’s powerful.

If you’re ready to free yourself from the emotional trauma of your past, then this is the stone that’s here to help. You’ll find the strength to face the traumas in your past and clear them away.

Azurite has its own unique healing properties, and it’s a stone that reminds us that healing doesn’t mean suffering. Instead, it can mean light and life, and living in flow.

It’s an amazing mind stone, which always nudges us to expand and think more deeply about the truth.

If you have been waiting for a way to connect to your potential, this stone will help you get started.

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